Acupuncture For Sports Injuries


Acupuncture is an effective, time-tested treatment for sports-related injuries because it relieves muscle pain, accelerates recovery, and improves range of motion. In addition, acupuncture achieves this through alleviating inflammation, reducing swelling and inflammation; relaxing the muscles and relieving muscle spasms; reducing the body’s natural pain response; and improving blood circulation through stimulating natural pain receptors. With these benefits, why not use it as a sports injury remedy?

Acupuncture can relieve pain through its stimulation of pain receptors found in the central nervous system and spinal cord. These pain sensors are located in the neck and head. Pain relief is accomplished by releasing chemicals produced by the body. Many of these chemicals act as neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters affect pain and inflammation through activating or inhibiting pain receptors. In order to relieve pain, one must release the chemicals produced by the brain. Acupuncture stimulates natural pain blockers in the body that can be released through pain.

There are many ways that acupuncture can help relieve pain associated with sports-related injuries. For instance, the needles used by qualified acupuncturists are very thin and not too painful. They don’t irritate the skin or cause any scarring.

Acupuncture has been known to reduce chronic pain as well. It can be used for mild to moderate pain relief as well. Chronic pain may stem from a long illness such as arthritis. For example, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis both produce persistent pain. Acupuncture can help relieve both pain and the need for medication.

The effect of acupuncture on the immune system can also be beneficial. The inflammation causes the immune system to produce antibodies that attack the infection. Using acupuncture for pain relief can reduce the need for immune system boosting drugs, thereby reducing the number of unnecessary immunosuppressive drugs needed to treat pain.

Acupuncture has also been shown to help reduce inflammation associated with sports injuries. This may be helpful in reducing the risk of injury in athletes and in reducing the risk of permanent damage to the tissue. After a sport-related injury.

The above are some of the reasons why acupuncture may be an excellent alternative therapy to improve pain relief after sports-related injuries. If you or someone you know suffers from pain, consider using acupuncture for pain relief.

Acupuncture has been shown to be effective at reducing symptoms of sports injuries. For more information on whether acupuncture is right for your situation, contact a qualified acupuncturist.

Acupuncture can also be beneficial for alleviating chronic pain and other conditions that can be related to sports. Acupuncture has been used to relieve headaches, muscle spasms and joint pain from sports-related injuries. In addition to pain relief, acupuncture may be helpful in preventing further sports related injuries.

Acupuncture involves inserting small, thin needles in specific points on the body. It helps to release the chemicals produced by the body that works to reduce inflammation. These chemicals prevent further injury by stimulating the body’s immune system.

Acupuncture also has been used to increase the immune system by increasing the body’s ability to fight infection. This increases the body’s ability to fight off infections by strengthening the immune system.

The results of acupuncture treatment with acupuncture for sports injuries have been well documented. When used as directed, acupuncture has proven itself to be very helpful in improving sports related injuries. It should be used in conjunction with proper diet and good medical care. Research shows that acupuncture is effective in treating most types of pain, even if other treatments are not being used.

If you are experiencing sports-related pain, you should consider trying acupuncture for pain relief. There are many advantages to acupuncture. Acupuncture has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, it has been shown to increase the ability to fight infections and reduce pain associated with sports injuries.

It is important to discuss your treatment options with your doctor before trying any new treatment. Acupuncture for sports injuries can be a safe and effective way to relieve pain and reduce the symptoms of sports-related injuries.

Acupuncture for sports injuries is safe and effective. In order to get the best results, make sure that you are getting the recommended doses of acupuncture to relieve your pain and symptoms and the correct treatment options.

Acupuncture for Chronic Pain

Are You a Victim of Chronic Pain?


Acupuncture is widely used by individuals, who suffer from back and neck pain. Many individuals find that it relieves their chronic pain.

Neurochemical pathways are affected by acupuncture. The body uses the body’s natural painkiller chemicals such as endorphins, serotonin, and nor-epinephrine to combat pain. These chemicals can be disrupted by a poor diet and lifestyle habits.

These chemicals, when produced at a high level, help to keep the nervous system healthy and prevent pain from occurring. However, when there is an imbalance in these chemicals, neurochemical pathways can be affected. This can lead to chronic pain and even a loss of life.

For many people who have chronic pain, the idea of acupuncture is a welcome one. Unfortunately, many of these patients have no idea how acupuncture works. Even if they do understand the theory behind it, they still have no idea how the therapy works.

An experienced acupuncturist will be able to tell you which points on the body to cause pain and which points to produce the pain-relieving effects of acupuncture therapy. When you visit a doctor, it can often be difficult for them to explain to you which points to produce the desired results. Acupuncture provides a simple explanation for this type of confusion.

When you focus on points on the body that are related to chronic pain, the body produces certain types of chemicals that activate nerve cells. When this happens, the pain-sensory neurons in the brain become active. However, these neurons may become silent because they are blocked by neurotransmitters that are produced by the nervous system.

Blocked neurons signal that the nerve does not need the pain-sensing effect of the neurotransmitter and thus prevents it from being activated. When there are a large number of such blocks, it can sometimes be difficult to activate the pain-sensing neurons. This is where the benefits of acupuncture come in.

The theory is that when these blocked neurons are stimulated by acupuncture, the neurochemical pathways are allowed to function properly again. The result is increased sensation and improved pain-sensitivity. This allows the patient to be free from chronic pain that was once caused by a lack of neurochemicals. Acupuncture is often used as an alternative treatment for acute and chronic pain alike.

Some experts are quick to say that there is no evidence that acupuncture helps with chronic pain at all. However, others say that if you combine acupuncture with other forms of therapy, it may be beneficial in relieving chronic pain.

Most experts agree that when chronic pain persists for more than six months without relief, the best course of action is to see a doctor. If the pain is not relieved with over-the-counter drugs, it may be necessary to see your doctor in order to determine what type of treatment is best for your individual case.

Acupuncture is considered part of an alternative therapy for pain management for several reasons. First, when used properly, it can relieve chronic pain without the use of drugs. Second, there is the belief that this form of therapy will improve the body’s own ability to heal itself. Third, it helps to re-establish the chemical pathways that are inhibited when there is an imbalance in the brain and nervous system.

When used properly, acupuncture is believed to stimulate the brain and the nervous system to improve pain-sensitivity and to reduce pain. In fact, studies have shown that when patients who underwent acupuncture were monitored while being administered anesthesia, it was shown that their pain-sensitivity was significantly improved.

While there is no proof that acupuncture is effective in providing pain relief, it does have some strong evidence that supports it. The results seen in the studies are encouraging and it has been used successfully for pain management for thousands of years. Research indicates that acupuncture does help relieve chronic pain and is very effective at relieving pain in individuals.

Acupuncture is stimulating the body to balance itself

So integrative medicine means taking a team approach to healthcare and that can be by bringing modalities that are different from what is typically a Western biomedical treatment. And that could be something like using massage or using meditation or using acupuncture in conjunction with those traditional therapies. In order to give the patient a more optimal outcome, a more positive experience, and that the entire team of providers are communicating and making sure that the treatment plan is communicated to the patient.

And that everyone’s on the same page the whole time. From a modern biological perspective, acupuncture is stimulating the body to balance itself. And it does that through complex neurochemical pathways that affect the immune system, the nervous system, and the inflammatory process. Now from traditional Eastern perspective, the theory explains that our bodies are a microcosm of the natural world and that there is energy at play that animates us, that makes us alive. And each of our organs contain a type of energy that’s call Chi. And that Chi, that energy, travels through the body through pathways and we call those pathways meridians. And along those pathways, there are points where that energy is said to collect and each of those points have very specific functions.

And it’s by stimulating those very precise, very specific points that we’re able to effect certain changes in the body depending on what we’re treating.
No, acupuncture is actually a very relaxing treatment, feels very good. The placement of the needles actually stimulates your body’s own ability to relieve pain and releasing endorphins. A lot of patients actually fall asleep and leave an acupuncture treatment feeling very good. [MUSIC] So acupuncture can treat a wide range of conditions, just about anything that might affect a patient’s quality of life in the long term. Here in the gastroenterology department, I see patients with things like Crohn’s disease, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, sometimes gastroparesis. But acupuncture actually can treat a much broader range of things.


And I do see all kinds of different conditions here in my practice. And that could be anything from joint pain, orthopedic sports injuries, a lot of women’s health issues, menopause, infertility, PMS, anything that causes pain. Things that are aggravated by stress, things that are mediated by an inflammatory process. Acupuncture is very, very effective for. The number of treatments that a patient might require for any given condition is going to vary widely from case to case, just like it does in any medical modality. It’s important to speak with a licensed acupuncturist who can give you more targeted information depending on what it is that you’re looking for. How severe a condition is, how long it’s been a problem, the overall more global health of the patient are all things that are taken into consideration.

But usually acupuncture is performed in a series of treatments, kind of like a course of antibiotics, you could think of it that way, and the effect is cumulative.

Best Apps for acupuncture

Best Apps for acupuncture

Are you a huge fan of acupuncture? If so, both if you would like to try it or just to obtain informations, smartphones come in your help. Let’s have a look at the most interesting apps downloadable for Google Android and for Apple iOS. On websites like FreApp and AppAdvice you can find lots of lists and suggestions. Anyway, here’s some spotlights:

Easy Acupuncture 3D shows most known acupuncture points and meridians, both in 3D and in 2D images. 3D images help users to better understand best acupuncture points all around the body. By tapping on a single point is possible to obtain informations about it, such as the name and a quick guide. Easy Acupuncture 3D is available for Android (both in free version and in paid one, in that case the cost is 7,08 euro for the med version and 17,79 euros for the full one) and for iOS (both in free version and in paid one, in that case the cost is 8,99 euros for the med version and 15,99 euros for the full one).

Quite interesting is “Guide to Acupuncture 2013”, a free app where is possible to have all the informations needed about acupuncture. On that app users can know more about acupuncture and autism, acupuncture to lose weight, acupuncture to treat migraines and to stop smoking, and much more. Avaiable for free on the Google Play.

If you already know something about acupuncture and are ready to test your knowledge, then Acupoints Location Quiz, available at $ 9.99 in App Store, is the right app for you. It allow you to answer about all 361 traditional points and about a custom selection of points. For each question, 4 possible answers are given.